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The aim enunciated by AWES is strictly followed. The school provides quality education to the children of Army personnel at a reasonable cost without distinction of their status. Students are prepared in the school for All India Secondary School and All India Senior Secondary School Certificate (10+2stage) examinations of the CBSE. In Army Public School Jammu Cantt, we believe in providing such experiences to our students that would inculcate a keen yearning to develop into any instrument of social progress and reform. We strive to empower our students with knowledge, skills as well as spiritual and emotional strength.
We have set a tradition of obtaining 100% results at Board examination held by CBSE for standard X & XII year after year.
The primary aim of the school is to promoteacademic excellence, discipline, personal character, high sense of values andnational integration among the children. Apart from this school also focus on the following.

Nurtures Growth Mindset
In early childhood, the mind develops and it becomes a crucial time for a child to discover endless opportunities and nurture the mind. We in APSJC helps to create a growth mindset that skills and qualities can be acquired. Education in childhood helps a child to discover cognitive skills, problem-solving skills,analytical and critical skills. We make it possible through experiential learning whichenhances a child and gives them a chance to discover their creativity and explore their interests.

Improves Confidence
APSJC not only gives knowledge related to the world but it gives one the desired level of confidence which helps children express their opinions in front of anyone. We build confidence and give one motivation and strength to take a stand in public and differentiate between right and wrong.

Promotes character development
When a child is enrolled in a school, the school’s responsibility is not just to teach them the course. Rather, it focuses on self-grooming and enhancing the child’s moral and ethical skills which shapes a child’s character and builds their ideology.

Betterment of society
School strongly believes in contributing to Nation’s Development. School has taken up many projects like Vidhyanjali where we have adopted weak School and provide them with the books,uniforms,meals and other infrastructural requirements.Moreover we organize book donation drive every year, nukkad natak performances, plantation drives NCC cadets and many more.

The main objective of the school is development. From societal to individual, there are many facets to this beyond differences and empowers individuals as it opens the door to new opportunities and possibilities. We strongly follow  the words of Aristotle. He said, "Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. Excellence, then, is not act, but a habit".