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School has fully equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Computer & English Language.
The students, to make maximum use of these laboratories to acquire a broader understanding of each subject and to develop practical skills
Students Perform Activities Under School Authority Guidance

Biology Laboratory
Science is a systematized study based on facts and observation. It involves curiosity, inquisitiveness and unbiased analysis. The practical study is a supplement to the theoretical classroom knowledge. The biology lab at army public school, Jammu Cantt touches all aspects of science .It is a well equipped lab with all the latest equipments for students to study detailed structure morphological, histological and physiological aspects of plants and animals. It exposes students with the intricacies of science to understand it better .Students get a hand on experience on handling compound and dissecting microscopes and in preparation of microscopic slides. The ratio of the students and the equipments is well balanced.

Computer Lab APSJC is pioneer in providing latest technological advancements to the students. School is using Computer Aided learning since year 2006. Class rooms are equipped with LCD Projection Systems with latest computers to teach students difficult topics through animations, video clips using Computer Aided Learning. Software based on CBSE curriculum for the classes starting from I to XII are installed on the Server. Concerned Subject teachers use software as the part of their teaching aid to explain various topics of the subjects in enhanced elaborated way.

Art & Craft Lab
The youngsters find a proper constructive platform to express themselves in no better way than , though multilevel creativity. Their creativity is further exhibited by making various craft item like flowers, gift boxes, pots, candles etc.

Physics Lab Well designed and well equipped physics lab, comprising of excellent working models. Proper ratio of students and Instruments along with the help of well trained lab assistant students are able to get hand on experience.

Chemistry Lab Chemistry is the science of matter especially its chemical reactions but also its composition structure and properties. A laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research , experimental and measurements maybe performed. Development of practical skills in chemistry not only leads to learning of scientific concepts but is also instrumental in developing scientific attitudes, besides reinforcement of learning Well designed and well equipped chemistry lab having all reagents in sufficient quantity are provided to all the students,Proper ratio of students and Instruments along with the help of well trained lab assistant students are able to get hand on experience.


Army Public School, also work on various labs time to time like MATHS Lab, Learning Workshops, Music Lab etc...
• Working models of different mathematics concept.
• Activity based teaching of difficult concepts
• Learning by doing

Maths laboratory concept is helpful in creating the interest of students in mathematics . They frequently visit Maths Lab and record the activities in their Maths lab manual which motivates them to understand mathematics with enthusiasm.
MUSIC LAB-In Army Public School Jammu Cantt we are proud to have an orchestra which is always ready to perform at any Plateform.
Our students play these instruments like professionals displaying their skills mastered in the music lab.

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